My Endeavors

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I am very proud of my quirky and fun designs! Using words to express ideas matters. If you'd like to take a walk in my store, please click here.

My Books

I am a published author, all of my books are available on Amazon and you are sure to find a book in a genre that you love.

More Designs on Amazon

If you like the designs in my Spreadshirt shop but you enjoy the convenience of Amazon Prime, please check out my designs here.  There is some exclusive pricing and availability on this site as well.

Who Am I?

I may not be famous, but I will finally be heard

Those are the words that I uttered in 2008 when I published my first book. My life has changed. My heart for God and his people has changed, but my mantra remains the same. God gave me this voice. He gave me this perspective.  I will not keep silent. 

How Can I?